The vision is to see the youth approaching life scientifically, behaving morally and discharging duties responsibilities towards the making of the state and the nation.


Since the inception of the college, we have been working with mission of improving this region educationally, culturally and socially. We are the progeny of great scholars like Hemchandracharya and such others. Our mission is to prove it literally right. We want to shape and mould the dreams, talents and energies of the young minds of the young minds of the area with the knowledge of modern science and technologies, so that they may play a vital role not only in the lifting of their family or area but the whole state and the nation as well with their mature and positive growth of intelligence, personality and attitude. We want to create more career option by providing them the best educational and moral guidance. The mission is to turn them all the latent and inherent capabilities into hyperactive and useful state. Since this is the age of science, we want to install scientific thinking and grow scientific and rational attitude in the youth. So the purpose is to make this area and its youth as much useful and meaningful to the state and nation as possible.


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