Research Activities

In the competitive environment of higher education, the institute offers the Ph. D. course in the field of chemistry.
Similarly, the faculty members are highly qualified and well experienced. Most of them are actively in touch with research work; presenting & attending national level & international level seminars & conferences, publishing research papers in the reputed journals, publishing their expertise to other organizations of the society, take part in workshops & training courses etc.
Dr. K. S. Parikh, Dr. P. J. vyas , Dr. N. K. Patel and Dr.V.P.Prajapati have been recognised as a Ph. D. guide in Chemistry and Life-Science for H.N.G. Uni., Patan.
Most of our faculty members have completed their Ph.D. work & obtained the Degree.
Not only the faculty members but the students also actively are engaged in research activities like: Field work, project, attending the seminars, presenting the papers in the state level and national level seminar.

Ph. D. Awarded under Supervision of

Dr.K.S.Parikh (Chemistry)
  1. Dr. K. J. Joshi (11-08-2003)
  2. Dr. K. N. Salvi (15-06-2005)
  3. Dr. J. H .Parikh (11-08-2006)
  4. Dr. K. N. Patel (11-08-2006)
  5. Dr. S. D. Venktanaga Sivram (2008)
  6. Dr. R. M. Patel (2009)
  7. Dr. R. P. Patel (2009)
  8. Dr. T. Joseph Sunderraj (2009)
  9. Dr. H. H. Gadape (20011)
Dr.B.B.Patel (Chemistry)
  1. Dr. R. I. Patel (2000)
  2. Dr. B. B. Patel (2001)
  3. Dr. G. R. Patel (2001)
Dr.N.K.Patel (Botany)
Dr.V.P.Prajapati (Chemistry)

Research Project

Sr.No. Name Department Status Of Project Duration Amount
1 Dr.K.S.Parikh Chemistry Completed 2001-02 Rs.35,000/-
Completed 2002-04 Rs.50,000/-
Completed 2009-11 Rs.45,000/-
2 Dr. P.J.Vyas Chemistry Completed 2008-10 Rs.1,20,000/-
Completed 2008-10 Rs.90,000/-
3 Dr. V.P.Prajapati Chemistry Completed 2002-04 Rs.38,000/-
4 Dr. K.B.Patel Biology Completed 2008-10 Rs.52,000/-
5 Dr. N.K.Patel Biology Completed 2002-04 Rs.42,000/-
Completed 2008-10 Rs.75,000/-
6 Dr. L.S.Bhutadia Chemistry Completed 2007-09 Rs.70,000/-
7 Mr. D.S.Marjadi BioTechnology Completed 2009-11 Rs.1,80,000/-

Student Research Project

Sr.No. Guided By Name Of Student Year Funded By Amount
1 Darshan Marjadi Bahrgav soni and Ruchik Jani 2008 GUJCOST Rs.25,000/-
2 Adity Joshi Prachi Patel,Alkesh Barva 2009 GUJCOST Rs.18,000/-
3 Darshan Marjadi Hardik Vyas and Nirav Soni 2010 GUJCOST Rs.22,000/-

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