Course Duration : 3 years (Full Time)

Aims and Objectives

Chemistry is prime branch of basic science to learn nature. It is the base of any industry. It boosts up industrial growth and advancement. Hence, Chemistry is offered to the students to curve their sound career in the field of science and technology.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of graduation, different industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, petrochemical, dying, pesticides, fertilizers and Government sector etc. will be the prime areas in which students could built their career.
Student can also go for post graduate studies (M.Sc.) & could go for other professional courses like M.B.A., M.L.T. etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals firms
  • Public and Private R & D centers
  • Agriculture & Fertilizers firms
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Medicine
  • Food Technology
  • Bio-informatics Depts. Various Institute/Firms eg. IITs, CCMB, Wipro etc.

Departmental Activities

  • Short Duration Courses
  • Education Tour
  • Organization of Conference
  • Quiz
  • Seminar/Workshop/Conference

Course Ware (3 Years)

Semester I Paper-I Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Semester II Paper-II Organic & Computational Chemistry
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Second Year B.Sc Paper-III Inorganic Chemistry
Paper-IV Organic Chemistry
Paper-V Physical Chemistry
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Third Year B.Sc Paper-VI Analytical Chemistry
Paper-VII Inorganic Chemistry
Paper-VIII Organic Chemistry
Paper-IX Physical Chemistry
Paper-X Industrial Chemistry
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Post Graduate Studies ( 2 Years )

Semester I
Semester II
Semester III
Semester IV
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Research Work

Ph. D. work is carried out in the field of Organic Synthesis, Photochemistry, Water analysis, Analytical techniques, Coordination Chemistry, Soil Chemistry etc.
Ph.D. is pursuing under the guidance of Dr. K.S.Parikh and Dr. P.J.Vyas.

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